Community Login Problem

Sometimes when I try to log-in into Kodular community using the Classical way(not the Google one), login is not successful and this :point_down: is displayed

Note that the email & password entered are correct and the indicated Notification occurs after clicking the Login button

Also, the image displays the incognito tab, but this is same with the normal tab!

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So, no one having this problem? OR no solution for this problem yet?

The favicon needs to be changed…

P.S. Not replying to the problem. Haven’t faced any myself.

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Ok, so this is the first time someone is facing this problem? Wow, Strange.

I already faced this problem too. Don’t really know what’s happening…

At-least not alone. So anyone knows why this happens?

Its happening again! Can you say something here? @Diego

The mentioned issue is repeating again. Expecting some help here :confused:

Do you have in your account secondary emails or something?

I think this might be fixed now

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Thanks, the problem has been solved. Issue didn’t happened in last 5-6 days.

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