Como obter valor salvo no tiny DB?

I have two questions.
First when I save values in one tag every second or millisecond, does the last value update the previous value or join the values that were already saved with the current one?

Monday, my app has a time. I needed to have the time written on the screen, even if the app was closed. I believe I’m wrong not part of picking up the value in tiny db and putting it on the screen, how is the right way?

Details: When I “minimize” the app and enter it again the time is printed on the screen, when I go out and return again the timer resets again.

Estou usando tradutor …

Note: I tried to do and here’s my last test among several, attached in photo.Captura11111 Capturar222222

For the first question:
When you store a value in tinydb you actually update the old if exist, if not then it create one.

For the second question:
You can’t run any background services in kodular or any other MIT App Inventor distros, so your clock will not work when you close your app.

@George_Loungos is is for a security system,when the user misses the PIN code 5 times a screen appears saying, “You are Blocked Timearily!”
would it be possible to make the locking system without having to go up to the cloud ? Give me an idea

Try by checking the time online

If the user put 5 times incorrect pin store the time in tinydb and after check again with the current time but you still need internet connection


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