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Hi, today was the first time that i see the ad banner in the companion, and i try to clic it, but nothing happen, nothing show up, no other screen was open, and i want to ask, this ad work? my clics count for your admob account? its a special ad banner? can i try this in my app? cause if i am not wrong, when we clic on an admob banner, another window show up, showing the ad information, or the app installation page, or similar.

Please somebody that solve my doubt. Thanks.

Hey @Ragnell_Esteban,
If you’ve completely set up your AdMob account, and activated your ads, you can try to export your app as .apk to your android device and test it there.

Sometimes the companion may not do everything right. The best thing to do is to test it as an apk.

If it opens in a new Chrome or Play Store window (after clicking the ad) that means your ads are enabled and you’re earning money from it :confetti_ball: congrats!

After trying please let me now if you continue having your issue.

hi, thanks for the quick answer.

I liked, really love it, thinking in earn without the window opening, only with the clicking, and for this reason i want to try it in my app, but, if its only a issue, jeje, nothing to do.


I don’t think it’s an issue or a bug. It works fine with my app.

Test it out:
Made this app (a drawing app) with Makeroid and ads included (Banner).

Sorry, maybe my bad english dont let me explain it well.

i will try.

The admob banner, for my apps, work very well, opening normally play store windows.

But when i click in the companion banner, nothing happen, and i think: " omg maybe is a new type of admob banner, or a makeroid ad banner, that let me earn money without open any window, i love it ", and for this reason i was asking.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, and thanks for your help.

It is the same Admob Banner ad as in the builder and touching it opens a Chrome custom tab with the advertiser’s page opened.


Well, we have to pay the servers :sweat_smile:

Yes it works, but only as a banner
I can try to make an option that when an user clicks on it to show a ‘Rewarded Video’, so it helps us with the costs :thinking:

Yes, they count

No, it isn’t

Yeah, you can place an ad in your app to get revenue

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Thanks again…

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