Companion apk error - Title bar disappear

Two problems

1. Title bar disappear

After scanned live qr code in companion apk and if not connected, title bar disappeares.

2. Parse error

I exported project and generated qr code and scanned using appinventor companion app but it is showing "There was a problem parsing the package"
Also tried with makeroid companion apk same error.
First I tried with push notification and title bar, second without push notifiaction and finally with nothing just screen1 but showing the same error.

Jerin Jacob

@Diego, can you take a look at why this happens?

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Could you send a screenshot of what you see trying to reproduce this error?

Please, don’t use other app companion that is not releated with Makeroid
Our builder was compiled to work with a companion which package is io.makeroid.companion. So, if the builder detects it’s not that, maybe you can expect some erros

Can you send a screenshot when the errors happens?
I couldn’t reproduce it :sweat:

Sorry for the late reply @Diego :sweat:
My phone is tooo slow and it took about half an hour to take this video that much slow.(Really)
And in this video i didin’t showed the part when scanning live qr code

2017_08_09_17_33_26.mp4 - Google Drive
Hope that you will solve the problem soon.
Here I’am scanning exported project. It’s an empty project.

Jerin Jacob

Thanks for the video
I will watch it and try to reproduce the error to fix it

I will try to fix the error :+1:

Is it fixed @Diego? :slight_smile:

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I think so :smile: