Companion app crashes when using new sidemenu component

Describe your issue

when i use the new side menu layout component, the companion app is crashed

Steps to reproduce the issue

  • add sidemenu layout.
  • add some menu item
  • test app
  • change something in the app to refresh
  • now the companion app will crash

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Android version


This was already reported by me.

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so when do we expect the fix for this …

Am I a developer at Makeroid? No. Do I know the answer to your question? No. Why? Because, Makeroid staff seem to no longer answer my requests. Do I know why? No. Do I wanna know why? No, unless it’s about me. Do i care that they are not answering me? Kinda.

Yea its also happen for me but its not a major problem. After building apk its works fine.

The solution for the problem is really simple:

If you want to use the app on a real device just change the true to false.

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you are the best… :star_struck:

Hi guys. My Makeroid Companion, continues to stop after changing the layout of some component. I’m testing on my smartphone.

bloco1 bloco2

try to change the global dev to false and try again.

because for me its working like Mr Mika said

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Yes, according to the solution, we have to remove the side menu to run the test without the Companion app stop. So you’re developing like this too? Then fine…

I test later a fix for this.
And if my fix works then the component makes above in the picture by itself.

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This above solution should not longer be needed.
Our code should do it by itself.


Has the bug been fixed?
The error persists when clicking on the menu of the side menu happens the error, I can not see the side menu.
When I start the app, that’s how the screen is.

When clicking, the error appears.

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yes you are right… the companion crashes when clicking on the menu icon on live testing

The bug is fixed for next release.


the side menu layout was not available when i set the same code
i got it working on my old application, but on the new application the side menu layout was not even showing

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Exactly. Before the side menu was shown, images, title, subtitle …

@handi_tang and @Rogerio_Rios read the comment above. like mika said this bug will be fixed on next release.
so be patient. in the mean time use the old method of creating side menu. using vertical scroll arraggement

@techcvr, You did not understand my position. I’m not being impatient, okay?!. I am explaining that what happened to @handi_tang is exactly what is happening to me. I am exposing that the error before happened in a way and that now the error is happening in a different way. I believe that to report errors to be corrected is important for the development team.

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