Kodular companion crashes with side menu

Hi guys

i have a bug with the side menu. Let me explain you. I created an app without problem. Then, i added a side menu which is loaded at the start. It works too.

But, as soon as i added the side menu component, each time i change ANY component proprerty, instead of realoading, the kodular companion crashes.

It’s really related to the side menu component because, if i delete it, no more crashes.

Here are some screens :

The last screen shows the error.

I tested this solution Link(Companion app crashes when using new sidemenu component) but it doesn’t work too…

Maybe i’m doing something wrong… Anyone to help me please?



Better you provide aia & set different group of every item
Like it’s start from 0,1,2 like this…

Are you using the latest companion? Why do you remove the sidemenu and then make it again?


thx for answering, so i joined the aia file. I changed groups to put 1,2,3… but it crashes too

yes i’m using the last version.

It’s a solution that i found on an other topic in the kodular community (see the link in my previous message) but it doesn’t work neither.

Thx again to help me :slight_smile:
LesApplisUtiles.aia (366,6 Ko)

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Iss this aia…

I think that maybe the size of your wallpaper.png you use for the sidemenu is to big. It is 1920 x 1080. Make it smaller and see if it works.

package name prblm… @bcmfr
Package name must be like

LesApplisUtilescorrevt.aia (366.6 KB)

I just changed the package as per the rule… Set your own package… @bcmfr


it crashes before i added wallpaper which i even removed it from the assets and it’s still crashing. By the way, thx, i didn’t see it was so big. Will add another one later smaller. Any other idea? :slight_smile:

didn’t know. Thx for that but it’s still crashing

Thx again guys. By the way, i’m on a samung J6 and Android 9

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But i used your app… 2 min before no crash nothing… Even in companion it’s working all right …
Working all right… Android 9 …

Have a look at my aia… @bcmfr

Make a new project with just a sidemenu. See if it crashes your companion again and report back here.

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Will do it as soon as i go back home. I will let you Know :wink:

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Just to be sure, i uninstall kodular companion and then reinstalled it

Just used your aia, and it crashes too… We could think it’s my device that has a problem but…

It works good. No crash when i change somethin, it reloads properly! so i really dont understand why it crashes on my app just when i change a component proprerty… Any idea?

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And just to explain more, i deleted my side menu component, app runs good, no more crashes when i changed ANY component proprerty.

So i added a new side menu and dont config anything on it… I launch it with companion and crashes again as soon as i change a component proprerty. Companion crashes instead of reloading… It’s really weird

I would guess that you either have old phone or low end phone, as each time you change something companion has to reload everything and thereby memory buildup and in the end it crashes.

P.S your project works on my phone without crashing

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ok that’s what i thought… I will try tonight with another phone and test it. I will let you konw. It’s quite strange because it’s such a little project…

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Works on a very old Moto G (1st gen, 1 GB RAM, Android 5) and on an even older Galaxy S6 (Android 4.3 / changed min API).

Please show this blocks too…

why :question:

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I also have this problem, after adding the sidemenu, the companion start crashing, after removing the sidemenu component the companion works well,

I am using latest kodular companion apk.

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