Companion Crashes with Premade Sidebar

Describe your issue

When I have the template that Makeroid made for the Sidebar, and my screen refreshes to update, the Companion crashes so I had to remove it from my project, was there by any chance I had to add the .Sidebar add block?

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Add premade sidebar to screen
  2. Do something to update the screen

Expected Behaviour

Not supposed to crash

Actual Behaviour


Show your Blocks

Sidebar was removed

Android version

8.0 using Latest Companion


Yeah, this should be fixed
For now for apps with sidebar I use the following method:

  • It stores the value in TinyDB if sidebar is added
  • On screen initialize, it checks if sidebar exits, if yes, removes and readds it, if no, just creates, and then updates the TinyDB.

It worked for me, but it’s only a temporary solution, needs to be fixed.

Nubia n1 lite
Running Android 6.0

Ok, I tested it and it seems to be a problem with the Title and Subtitle of the menu, it crashes when they’re filled, I havent tested pictures.

Just do the same:

Can you tell us if this is fixed and works for you in last release?

It crashes when opening it

With new side menu component?
Show please blocks

I didnt add blocks besides the block to add items. There is no need to show blocks if there are only 1.

Btw can you guys figure out why the Makeroid Companion crashes on the start of my phone at times using Fabric?

It is not the fabric update.
It is in the current companion the push component.

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