Companion Crashing a lot?

Now I got your point…
Actually I am making it for my academy and if it will be good then I will take it to a higher level…

I will make 2 apps 1 for publishing apk and 1 for viewing and downloading apks…

It will be me or my friends (students) of my academy to publish their apps… as playstore costs rs.2500 so it will be a good idea to have a similar app… And also i will improve my skills by working on different projects…

Sometimes it helps just by hovering on blocks to see how they works



Thanks a lot @Boban actually that block I was just adding to check if it works or not (experiments that’s how I learn)

Please share me the blocks for Image Loader Extension

1- Remove setPicture block :

2- Replace it with loadImageAsync block in the image loader extension:

3- set the image component parameter to getComponentById block ( Dynamic components extension).
4- Set the I’d parameter in get component by if block to ( join img word and the global variable id)The getComponentById block is as same as in the old setPicture Property block, here’s how it should look:
Finally set the image URL In the image loader extension block to your image URL .


Oops looks like I need to update my guide :sleepy:

Lots of improvement there :sweat_smile:


Yep… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hmm… I don’t know why but it is still crashing a lot…

Removed it and made a custom title bar… but still, the companion is crashing a lot… @Boban

Try to disable the procedure to create the app store items, does it work, at least that let you know where is the problem
Also it would be great if got the log cat of the crash?

Also what about disabling Enable Hight Quality image property :slightly_smiling_face:
Btw, if your other screen ( screen1) , was the splash screen, have you used a timer, if yes , then have you disable it before switching to Main screen.

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Actually, I have left screen 1 no codes in it coz I will use it as a splash screen.

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i’ll try and tell you…

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Thanks a lot, guys now my issue is resolved…
@Boban @Peter @Mohamed_Tamer @themaayur @Enderman

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It started working when I made a duplicate project…

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