Companion does not load 49% or does not show anything

This is not the 20% type of problem, the problem is that when trying to connect the companion either with the code or entering it manually, it simply does not load; It doesn’t show me the loading bar, it just disappears when I try to connect and I wait and wait, but in the end it never connects.

And when kodular (rarely) shows me the loading bar, it stays at 49%.

clear cache, erase all your storage data and still nothing (I use the FireFox browser).

Though the companion problem for Firebox is solved but if you are still facing problem then check out this :point_down:

Also check whether you are using latest version of the Firefox browser !!!

It should be due to network problem

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This is already fixed from a while. Now this solution doesn’t needed anymore. And even if it works, you didn’t need to post this as @Anu10 , already posted that.

This post solves the rendezvous server connection problem however, in this case the progress is stucks at 49%, it means there is no problem in rendezvous server as it already crossed 20%.
If the project is big then it may be a problem for that. They stucks at 49% and take more time for connection

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Thanks @Sumit1334 For Correcting me I will take care from next time

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