Companion doesn't work with firefox

Issue description

Companion don’t work if Firefox is used as a browser (for Creator). The connection dialog keep stuck at 20 Establishing Secure Connection. With Chrome works fine.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Open Creator in Firefox
  2. Select a project and click Connect --> Connect to companion

Expected Behaviour

Companion will connect

Actual Behaviour

Companion doesn’t connect to project

Android version


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did you tried it with chrome? mean are you sure that it only occur in Firefox because i too faced that issue a long time ago and found that my internet was not that speedy

I am using Firefox latest version on windows 10 and companion working fine for me. I am using companion with wifi

It works with Chrome

Maybe the cause it’s an add-on?
I’ll try without addons

It’s also happened with me.
Then I Change my browser with chrome.

Tried also without addons. @Diego add this in the bug list

Can you please open the Console (F12) and look for errors? :sweat_smile:
It will help a lot

Here you go:

Same here Firefox works as it should, something in your end that doesn’t work as it should


Anyone found any solution to this? The companion connects for me but it disconnects after a minute or two. Chrome stays connected but the blocks editor is impossible to work with, it’s extremely slow when panning the view. Why is it so slow anyways? Are you planning in improving it?