Companion Error 1103 : Unable to post or put the text

i was working on new project and suddenly companion stopped working, few hrs ago, but now getting a error alert like the screenshot given below. i tried multiple times with new browser, and in private mode also, but no solution,

I can see from your notification bar that you are only receiving 300 bytes per second from the internet!
This is not even half a kilobyte.
Try to improve your internet connection and then tell us if it worked!

i have 65 Mbps connection, so i don’t think internet speed is the issue here. As i already mentioned above, companion was working properly few hrs ago but suddenly it starts to show this error.

Same problem. Any solution?

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I have that also.

I see this on the status site

Maybe something wrong somewhere.

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Maybe Kodular Eagle 1.4.1 coming…

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I am waiting

me too error 1103

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The phrase “Welcome to the world upside down” goes through my head

Because it works for me :confused:

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same problem with me

same problem i am facing today, yesterday it was working but today i am getting this error on companion

same problem here when it will get resolved

Just be patient.

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You can still build the apk, so you can test in that way.

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Should be solved


Yes, thank you!

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thank you, its working now.

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Solved , Thank You