Companion is not working

Firstly, I apologize if there are translation errors because I translated it from Turkish.

I ran into a problem with Kodular Companion. I scan the Qr Code, then it says 20 Establishing Secure Connection and then The Companion has disconnected. Can you please solve this problem?

Companion Version: 1.4C.5 Eagle,
IP address appears
That was not custom internet protocols.

after scanning code be patience . it will open slowly

it has happened with me also

Can you give me screenshot of an error?
Is this your error

this happens when u move to another app for 2mins

Not everytime.

or u switch off ur phone

Hi @Exotic_Shorthair,
Welcome to the kodular community. There already exists a topic related this, please check.

Thank you :blush::heart:

Today I started to receive this error code. What happens?

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Same thing is happening to me also, lets wait and see

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