Companion not connect

do you know what u do u click on arrow mark too many times just don’t do that it is very common happens with everyone if u click on it several times then it is stuck.
if u scan qr code don’t click on arrow mark
if u enter code then click once on arrow mark then it works

*this is very common things u should know

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@Ekansh_Pandit please be more clear with your answers.

it is much clear

i told it according to what i was facing and i told the solution

What arrow mark are you talking about ?

By any chance do you mean the cursor ?


Oh sorry I don’t enter code, I scan the qr code :sweat_smile:

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This happens with me also
Check the speed of wifi
It might be slow and use usb till the time it gets fixed

not mostly coz of it

This Happens only with perticular app
but this app works fine with USB connection

If your app is very large … try disconnecting all the devices from the WiFi. Only your pc / laptop and your smartphone.
This happens to me at home when my two children are watching videos on their phones and they saturate or collapse the WiFi. Companion they have microcuts with the WiFi.
I think that the speed of your wifi or internet does not influence, how much your WiFi is saturated or collapsed.
Try and comment how you have been …

I am not understand this.

Sorry for my english. What I mean is that the most important is if your WiFi saturated or collapsed instead of the internet speed.

Clear storage of Kodular app and try.

hey…how to connect via usb because its not happening

By usb she means usb tethering ( hotspot ) its easy

Not to be sure :100:%

what about USB Debugging

It is almost 14 days but still face this issue. Is any kodular staff help me to solve this issue?
My app contains only 1 screen and 3 label but still not load more than 25%

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You have installed (or updated) the latest version of Kodular Companion 1.4D.1, was updated 7 days ago.