Companion not working

Pain in the b** to do this every time especially if it happens 2-5 times a day, do not you think


I only had to do this loads of times while using Chrome
It does not seem to happen with Opera or Vivaldi browsers or at least it has not since I last had to do it.

I now Work like this.
Chrome for Viewing Opera for working as I am on High Sierra I have the Split screen option so I have the Chrome on the left and the Opera on the right, I use the Chrome to go through my blocks and view them or copy them, I use Opera to work on the blocks and use Companion and create apk.
Since starting to work like this I have not had any problems apart from having to delete the cookies every now and again.
Again this is my personal experience working with Mac a lot of people use Windows or Ubuntu

The companion app works well when I scan the QR code. But later if I change anything in the app creater like color, text etc. The kodular companion app crushes.

Yeah Thanks A lot it ReallyWorked