Companion report wrong assets directory to extensions

Describe your issue

The companion store assets in a directory named “Makerdroid/assets” but seems to report “AppInventor/assets” when the prefix “//” is used in filename.

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Upload a file to assets
  2. Tell the extension to use this file in assets (use // prefix to filename)
  3. Use Kodular companion to launch the live app

Expected Behaviour

The extension use the file

Actual Behaviour

The extension report an error: “No such file or directory”

More information

The extension I’m using is from

I searched for the “/storage/emulated/0/AppInventor/” directory on my phone without succes. But I found “/storage/emulated/0/Makeroid” directory. Inside this one I found “assets/enr5_5.db” that is the uploaded file in the Kodular designer.




Just a question.
Why do you use the extension?
We already have it as component?

Just to answer this, yes we do.

I think I know that too…
Maybe the topic creator not

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Yes, there’s a SQLite extension. But without the ability to import external data or I didn’t find how to do.
And it doesn’t answer about the problem.