Companion resets connection

I face the problem of losing connection with companion, last days.
When connecting to companion all runs well. Then I modify a piece of code in blocks tab. When selecting Test | Refresh Companion Screen from menu to reload the project, connection is lost and app is closed.

Is this due to a bug after last update? Companion app in my phone doesn’t seem to need any update.

Thank you

Download companion version 1.5.4 and try again

I’ll try. My actual version is 1.5.3. Thank you.

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Are you using "Side bar menu?

Indeed. When I tried another project without SideMenu1 (see yellows) no problem appeared.
Clicking “Refresh Companion Screen” with such component, there is disconnection.

Could not replicate error, if you wish provide a test aia

Thank you for your efforts.
Pls find a test .aia file.
I also noticed that clicking Refresh Companion Screen without any change in blocks, all goes well. If a modification had been made, it closes.
Basketaki3x3_test.aia (1.0 MB)

For me Companion crashes on every refresh, no matter if something changed or not (Android 9 + 12). APK is ok.

After upgrading to v. 1.5.4 of Companion, the problem still remains.

PS. I was afraid that it was due to an upgrade of software of my phone. Now it is reported by another person.

your aia only looks like that but in my all projects i find no such force closing

There is something broken with your project:

@bodymindpower this is a known bug with latest release when custom colors are used in project. In order to avoid it, you have to edit aia and delete projectColors before upload it to creator. Try this one
Basketaki3x3_test.aia (1.0 MB)

As for @nikif99 problem, I faced no problem with companion. Works fine with me, tested on Chrome

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I removed the SideMenu component from the project and then added it again. Same error. (Firefox)

Working on another project, containing proc SetColors (even with alpha param), without SideMenu, no problem of disconnecting at all. Hint of @SurinderMx seems the most reasonable.

Create a new project, add the SideMenu component, run and reload…
Should work without problems… (at least it does for me)

Reload you mean Resfresh Companion Screen?

Yes, of course.

Indeed. It goes fine for me too.
BTW I noticed the change in the name of the comp from SideMenu to Side_Menu_Layout. Suppose something is fixed. Thanks to all.

That’s why I said:

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So the answer you marked as Solution is misleading and not the solution.

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