Companion's difference from installed app

hello dear community. my app works on companion without any problem but when i install it, it crashes after 2-3 seconds from launch

Kindly show your blocks

my app contains 2000 blocks((( i dont know what piece of block have to show(((

but i think it is clear problem for Kodular stuff that in which situation compainon can work but installed apk not

Add the apk here

In 99% of the cases it is a error in the code or a wrong way of switching screens or using assets that are to large. Why do you think it is a kodular problem?

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ok @Mika LoccoDriver2.apk (7.3 MB)

i have learned switching screens correctly. it is not problem in my situation. i think Kodular Stuff may know problem because companion run my app without any problem but when i extract and install the app it crashs

What is Kodular Stuff?

It doesn’t even want to install on my phone


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Start with the assets. At 7megs pluss you have 3 megs of assets. Perhaps the companion is caching them and rendering them different.

Also check file names of what you are loading.

Get ADB tools up and running and see the error.

I mean stuff which develope Kodular

I can open your apk without crash

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i use logcat but can not identify problem

it runs on my phone (xiaomi mi 8 lite android version 9) without problem. but on my other device (samsung j3 android version 5) it crashes.

you have not registered on app. it crashes on second screen which opens after registration

It does happen to me a lot when I try add larger assets and also not using he clock componet properly will led to this and this want do in all devices.

Please provide some test login details.
I dont register with my details

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you can enter phone number what you want (00000000 ex.) i can tell you code sent to it

i can not understand you can you explain please?

Okay but please a version with english text :sweat_smile:
I dont understand the app text.

0000000 does not work