Compare dates gives error

Hello i am Getting A Error that is Runtime Error Unparseable Date:’’’’ in The Extenction [FREE] Compare Dates by @Victor_Ken

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Show us your blocks… if you didn’t input the date as specified format, you will get such error

See how to use it

i Have to set the time also

I am Calling the data from fire base

… and the value you get from firebase

ok sharing you

Use Do it to debug your blocks and post a screenshot of global Plane_Active_Date

ok ple wait

i am downloading the app till that i am so thanks full to you for your support

the data which i am getting from fire base is 4/05/2022

Could not replicate your error

May be set the month with 04 instead of 4. Just try . If possible click The global variable date and show us in blocks , just to make sure the format is correct

any More Suggestion

Do you get value from firebase? Temprorarily add a label and set label text to get value

ok let me try it

Wait i am storing the data in variabale so i directly put get value

hey Where are you please help me

You are not getting value from firebase. This error comes because start date is empty, for example