Comparing all data in list view image and text with clock (d MMMM yyyy)

I transferred all expiry dates in Firebase to listview
I want to compare the texts in the listview with label1.text, if there is a match, the tag (underlined pink area) will be deleted.
How can I do that?? HELP

Can you please show the full structure?

i fixed it

…and how did you fix it? You might want to share your solution here so that people in the future can learn from your problem.

No you misunderstood a dataset photo i corrected it was missing

I’m still looking for a solution

OK …

We need to see the full structure of the database.

Is Usersa project bucket or a tag?

Users are project group

what match? can you clarrify?

you mean duplicate project bucket? or duplicate tag?

(duplicate = match)

project bucket fixed
Tags are variable, new users can be added such as baha, anil, aa, such as baha anıl, aa, kaan