"Compilation error"

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MATHYAP.aia (5.3 MB)

Bu konuda yardım edebilir misiniz?
Varlıkların içinde gerekli dosyaları silmeme rağmen düzeltemiyorum

Trasnlation added by Mod

Can you help with this?
I can’t fix it even though I deleted the required files inside the assets

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Please translate what you wrote.

You have 46 screens, too many. I can not even upload aia to check it. Most probably error caused by many screens




Try this one MATHYAP.aia (5.1 MB)


Nevertheless I would suggest redesign of your app, if I’m not wrong 40 of your screen’s are identical and thereby you should just change the values instead

It’s best to only have 1 account on the community. If you have multiple accounts a mod may delete some of them.