Compiling Source Files Error while trying to export an apk or bundle


First thing I have to say is I have read all the fixing suggestions about this error in the community. Such as exporting the project’s aia and check if there is a project in porject or not, checking whether the server status are normal or abnormal, checking whether the package name is written correct or not, removing all the extensions etc… I have checked all the things you said. I did even deleted my firebase and I do still get this error. Please help me out I really have spent too many time on this project and I want this project to help humanity. This is so important thank you.

Already 100s of solved topic is there in community… instead of waiting for answer you would have get it from community without wasting the time…

Just use search option

Maybe… This

General Issues with developing apps

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Upload aia to and post a screenshot of summary or post your aia here so someone can check it