Compiling stops at "Compiling source files"

I switched to English and did as follows.

But now the errors have increased. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :pensive:


Ohh, PM me your aia file so I can take a look at it

How do I do that.
How do I ship to you only?

Sorted out.

Thank you, Boban for your attention, and for solving my problems.

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Great, and answer to your question in PM, you had a project in your project

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Was it something I did wrong? Or did it happen alone?

I ask that so that I will not repeat it again.

That I don’t know as I’m still trying to figure that out

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It’s the third or fourth time this happens, very strange.

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For me +50 or so


I also facing this problem how to fix me.

You also have another project inside your aia?

How to fix it

You didn’t answer my question.

No it working fine before I put some layout…but after putting some layout this error occur.

Looking at your other topic you have a different problem so keep the discussion there.


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