Complain Here... Why not?

I know this is gonna be weird… But, feel free to complain about life here :rofl:

No hating, have fun

I’ll start:
I hate McDonalds because, of they’re support and people at the counters
But, I love Bugerrrrr King, they have some tasty fries


Seems like wired but Amazing topic :joy::rofl::rofl:

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xD… Dont mind Makeroid character limit I HATE IT. :slightly_smiling_face: Wait, I clearly said no hating :rofl:

Mom walks in: What’s wrong with you
Me: Mom I’m using Makeroid (Dig, dig, dig) - Remind you of something :rofl:

Reason I made this topic:
Im bored.
I cant release the Amplify Infinity Update until Idk like in 3 days
Mainly it.


why why i don"t find password text box why??:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Look at the normal textfield properties, it’s not like Appybuilder, get used to it

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Sponsored content :joy:
But really, BK is even better


McDonald’s and burger king are both shitty because they support mass animal husbandry

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We are talking here about the biggest questions of life, for example: BK or McDonald’s is better

P.S: No joke, you’re right.

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Pretty sure that isn’t a bad thing. It’s a part of the Primary sector of production. It creates both jobs and food.

I think it is bad thing but this is a topic for its own and don’t want to argue about that on makeroid

I think it’s fine. It’s an off topic topic for complaining. :joy:

And what do you think about what was first egg or chicken ? :joy:

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Egg came first scientifically.

Egg, you eat egg for breakfast, and chicken for dinner :joy:

I love McDonalds Bacon, Egg, and Cheese breakfast sandwich and that’s all I’ll ever eat from there besides maybe a kids meal because, I’m 13 and I’m extra. But I like Burger King more because, of the fries and their chicken fries, like anytime you goto Burger King for chicken fries, hit me up :joy:

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