Complete your payout information

Hi @ad-manager,

Please, remember to complete your payout information in My Kodular, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw any money.
At this moment, around 30% of total earnings are from users that have not yet completed their profile.



I applied for withdrawal on 30th September, can you tell any expected date for transaction completion?

We work using a weekly batch system. From Monday to Sunday, Batch A is open. If you request a payment, you get into a batch (in this example, Batch A).
Next Monday, we close Batch A and open Batch B for the next Mon-Sun week. At the same time, for Batch A, we calculate all requested payout values, and we fund accounts. We issue the payment around Thursday-Friday (you get an email when it is sent).


how to fill the tax form?

Assuming you only work outside the US, that’s the correct choice.

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You have not entered your Foreign Tax Identification number , I guess.

If you live in India, that’s you PAN Card Details and it may vary depending upon the Tax Identification Process of your respective country

If I use the old block with code of admob, Is it also necessary to complete my payout information in My Kodular as @Diego said?? In this case, using admob banner id, Will I obtain any money in the admob account??

It is already 10 days I requested for a withdrawal. But still no payment yet.
Can you give please any date when it will be sent?

@im_pala you got paid??

Have my taxes been approved??