Component download + show file size

Hello community, I DO NOT get the Download Component to show the file size after the full download.

Something like that is what I want as in the attached image.

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what you get after using get size block. @samidr8

@Alapjeet Excuse me, I didn’t understand your observation very well?

Sorry dude but i just asked you question in English…

even you can see the screen shot. i don’t know in which language post automatically translated.

@Alapjeet Ok, I already understand you. I also use the Google translator.

I get the following:

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So ans what you get when you use get size block… @samidr8

Unfamiliar with this component but I think i should go here



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try this:

or this:


and NOT this (without /):



Thank you all for your help, in this case I was helped by @bodymindpower. Observation: 1 megabyte is 1,048,576 bytes, as shown in the image

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