Component Player, always sounds / El componete Player siempre suena

Hello everyone
I have a problem with the “player” component. I need the music that has the component to stop at a specific time but not only stops at the indicated time but continues until thirty seconds later. This component has it configured in loop. Does anyone have any suggestions?
A greeting.

hola a todos
tengo un problema con el componente “player” . Necesito que la musica que tiene asociada al componente pare en un momento concreto pero no solo no para en el momento indicado sino que continua hasta treinta segundos despues. Este componente lo tengo configurado en loop.Alguien tiene alguna sugerencia?
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@taifun has an extension that may help:

Maybe you can ask him to add an stopat method.

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thanks I try with this

Why don’t you try something like this?
You don’t need for all things a extension.
Sometimes some simple logic will be the solution :blush:


Thank you for your help. I had badly positioned the stop order and seeing it in a simple example I noticed. A thousand pardons to all.:sweat_smile:

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