[Component Request] RSS Feed Integration


it would be great if Kodular would add a RSS Feed component which allows us to customize
• font colour and size of heading and preview
• behaviour when clicking on the post: open as pop-up, new screen or “unfold” (as known from FAQ section in the web - you click on it and the full text will come up on the same page)

Also a block “if new RSS post detected” →"send notification with title of post = title of notification" would be great

Would make life of many people wanting an app for their website easier (looks pretty and WebView of homepage does not)

Thanks to all Devs!



Would be nice to have this functionality :slight_smile:

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Please vote for this feature if you’d like to see it integrated on the Creator :slightly_smiling_face:
You can vote using the button on the top-left corner.


Hi Vishwas,

Thank you for the hint :slight_smile: Now I voted :slight_smile:

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This is a great idea my friend

Please, if you agree with the request use the “Vote” button, do not comment “+1”


:astonished::astonished: 25 votes

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