Component selected in designer view should be highlighted in blocks view

Sometimes when dealing with a lot of components its hard to find the component and also using the search bar lags sometimes. I think there should be a feature such as if the user selects a certain component in the designer view, it should be highlighted in the blocks view, so its easy to find a particular component

Can you explain more? With any reference image if possible.

How these components are highlighted in the designer view after we select them,

They should be highlighted in the blocks view

And i dont mean selecting the component and highlighting it in the blocks view but suppose you had selected the card view in designer view and then when you switch to blocks view it should be highlighted in blocks view too so its easy to find.

I don’t see any particular use case of this. As it is always not necessary that you will select the card view only after switching to block area. You can select any component from the heirarchy.

Btw, the components follow the same heirarchy in block view as it is in designer section. So if you know where the component is in designer, then it will not be that hard to find the same in blocks view

I didnt say card view in particular, whichever component you selected last in the designer view should be highlighted when you enter the blocks view.

Ik they follow the same hierarchy but as i said when dealing with a lot of components its hard to find a particular component.

I know that. I just carried your provided example so that it will be easy to understand.
What I meant was if suppose any user selected a button in designer view than it is not necessary that he/she will continue from that button after switching to blocks area.
After switching he/she may select any label, arrangement, etc.
So there’s no meaning in highlighting the last selected component from designer

Highlighting a component wont cause any harm, it will be helpful in certain cases. Yeah the person can switch to another component but highlighting the last component selected in designer view wont cause an obstruction as such. It will only be a useful feature, its your wish if you want to use it or not.

Neither I said it would cause any harm. I just want to say that there should be a valid use case/reason to change anything.

But let’s leave this on developers.


Cool, I liked the suggestion. I believe it will be very useful for those who have several components in their app.

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