Component that generates a list?

I’m making a earning system

I wonder which component or extension meets my use. Being that my client will add the period in which he wants to see how much he earned.

The question is which component or extension I can use to show on the screen the date and billing for the date chosen ???

In this case it would be a component similar to list view. However it has to be given to add two things in the same line. Both the date and the amount that was invoiced

Earning aaps not allowed

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Explain more what type of earning app.
Viewing ads and earning real money is not allowed in kodular

The app is for supermarket owners to see how much sold per day, I find it useless to have to say this so detailed.

My question is the one I wrote there above if you can answer well, if you do not know do not say anything thank you

And I make it clear that it is not APP TO MAKE MONEY

i need a component that looks like a list

on each line is going to have two things
date and value

DATE ---------------------------------------VALUE

Don’t get offended but Everyone now comes to their mind “Oh wow an earning app” when they just saw “earning” on the title. First of all make sure you guys know it properly lol :sweat_smile:

Use this you can make any type of dynamic list.

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You can use the TableView extension :point_down: by @Ken