Components in Designer when out of Device Frame

How do you scroll around the designer window if you have components out of view.

Currently I use a tablet view, and then I try to hide arrangments to bring things into view.

Is there a better way to do it? I feel I am making my life difficult, as I tend to do that.

I could turn boiling water into a 48 step process if I wanted to. Just saying.

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Yeah, I don’t like that too, if components when out of device frame, you need to enable Scrollable property, but it is still not enough.

It would be nice if we have a draggable/expandable designer area with grip, so we can have an infinite area for designer instead of designing the app in a phone mock.


I created a GIF to explain what I want exactly:


Well said @yusufcihan . Or if we could do a right click and scroll through the window.

Something to allow an out of screen component management.


But when the size of the mock phone changes other components will also change their relative size according to the designer area changed
I think scrollable is good
Correct me if I am wrong…

@cian, we all will like to see this feature so let’s not just discuss but vote too??


Vote starts :sweat_smile:


You can disable Scrollable property when your work is done, or you can just set it via blocks when the app is started.