Confidentiality between Kodular and Developers

Is there any policy about confidentiality between Kodular and Developers.
As Kodular can view Source of apps (AIA) when developers request for app approval…
What about api keys?
What about app ideas?

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Very good question.

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@sonumohammad333 the answer to your question is in our ToS:

The Apps you create

By creating and storing apps on the Kodular Creator server you represent and warrant that you are the owner and creator of the apps, (i) that you have the authority to authorize Kodular to store the apps on the Kodular Creator Server and (ii) you will use the apps in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. You, and not Kodular, are solely responsible for your apps and your use of them.

Kodular has no proprietary rights in the apps you create with Kodular Creator. These apps belong to you. Your apps are stored on the Kodular Creator server. You have the right to download your apps and delete them from the server at any time. If you delete an app, there is the possibility that Kodular may be able to continue to access it from the backups we keep for purposes of system maintenance, but these backups are periodically purged and are not designed for long-term preservation. Kodular will strive to keep your apps and your account accessible to you for as long as you wish, but we have no obligation to do so, and Kodular has no liability for the consequences of the service becoming unavailable or your apps becoming unavailable. We therefore strongly suggest that you maintain backup copies of valuable apps at places besides the Kodular Creator server.