Configurate ActivityStarter for SET_ALARM intent

Hi everybody !

After hours and days of severals tries, i must admit my failure to use AS correctly.

With this code, the clock system app launch well but all of the extras parameters are ignored (even if i disable “DAYS” block) after APK build.

No problem with permission (thanks to Taifun Alarm extension, which turn well!).
Use of Xactivitystarter extension by pepemont for boolean support.
Try on Nexus 5X and blue stack (same result : clock launch, no extras parameters ).

Maybe it’s because i left all the properties empty in designer ?

Do you have any advice ?

Thanks for your help !
And I hope you are all fine during this COVID episode.

Doesnt matter because you already set them with your blocks.
You dont need to put them into designer and blocks. Just one is enough.

Why dont you search at google for the correct setup?

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Hi Mika,

I search on Result is data URI and data TYPE must be empty, the syntax seems good.

I read an interesting post on this forum here : Clock stops when lockscreen, ActivityStarter workaround with - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT App Inventor Community. But no solution was found at the end.

I certainly do a mistake but where ?? That’s why i post this message. I found nothing more useful with google research.

Maybe @Taifun can help you here since he already does the same you want with his extension.

what about using the extension? App Inventor Extensions: Alarm | Pura Vida Apps
and in case you need to be able to set the weekday(s), there is a paid version available, too, which is 12 USD.


specifies weekdays for repeating alarms.
This is a list in csv format with values from 1(SUN) to 7 (SAT).
To use that property, minimum Android API Level is 19 (Android 4.4).


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