Connect Firebase Database With Variable

How Can I connect firebase database with Variable

Did not understand exactly what you are looking for. If you want to store data (i.e: Tags) in variable, simply use get all tag block to call them and then use got tags block to store them in a variable.

I want to store all firebase data in variable

You can share your database structure and use cases so I can help further.

Or you can follow the guide below-


Please Give Reply With Blocks

Getting any error?

No result showing. I Think firebase data not store in variable

Did you set any firebase project bucket?

Show us your Firebase structure…

Yes i set project bucket. Actually project is my requirements

i tried like this…



Boss every time create new bucket . With different seat no. .if we will create search list and search text set it current date . And current date match with firebase last date .after date match only show that bucket whos match with current date . Try it it is possible . I want to only firebase database store to variable block.

I am sorry, but I don’t think I understand your use cases yet!