Connect Smartphone with Kodular via USB

Hello, someone would know how to connect my smartphone with USB kodular ?. I use ubuntu and I have installed and launched the aiStarter, and the device linked with ADB I also have the smartphone configured (it is a xiaomi) in ubuntu and I can access all the files perfectly. But I always get the same error: Ai2 does not detect your device, check that the cable is connected etc …

Thank you.


Yes, good question, I have been looking for a solution for a long time.

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Enable USB debugging on your phone (it should be under Developer Options) and confirm that this command:
$adb devices
shows your device.

Also, use Kodular Starter, not AIStarter.

with thunkable and appy builder i have used that, but in kodular i have tried many times but unable to connect ,


Yes, same for me, and I also I have / had no problems with AI2, but on Kodular it doesn’t work.

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I think you might need to put your computer into development mode as like you do on Android Studio instead of creating virtual device on your computer.Well it did worked on my case but if it didnot worked on your case then there is one more solution…

My old thread about running the Starter on linux should be of relevance to you:

solition .