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Running the latest version of Companion on your phone?

1.4B.1 Eagle

This is on Android Alcatel POP4, I took actual pictures as I could not figure out how to do screenshots. The Companion is 1.4B.1 Eagle, after the QR code is read, it disappears from the PC screen, nothing happens further.

On Android Samsung Galaxy A5, the Companion is also 1.4B.1 Eagle, however, the search bar does NOT appear, other than that, it does behave as above.
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What happens if you type the code manually?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but do I see an airplane in the top-right of your screen?

That does not affect Companion in any way :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

QR code on PC screen disappears, on the Phone nothing happens.

That’s correct, but the WIFI is ON though (which is weard). Switching airplane mode off has no effect.

Delete the caches
If the problem persists delete the app and re download

done that, but to no avail,

Is your computer and your phone in the same network ? For example my pc has an ip in the form of 192.168.10.*** and my phone is connected in the same network and has an ip address also in the form of 192.168.10.***. Have you checked your phone’s ip address (you see it when companion initialize) ?

Also in your photo above I see a cable , do you connect using wifi or usb ?

@dora_paz I think that is not necessary anymore. You can connect even thru your phone’s data plan.


Didn’t know , thank you @Italo :slight_smile:

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Same network via WIFI. The cable is attached for battery charging, and whether or not is is connected to the PC’s USB or to a mains charging device, the result is the same.
When connected to the PC’s USB port, then menu “Test, connect via USB” has no effect, what should it actually do?

Very occasionally when entering the code in the companion manually, the PC reacts with:
image then hangs indefintely.

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Hi. Any result? Here happens the same…

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You can refresh your kodular website and kodular companion.

Do not make alive an year old post… moreover this topic have 100 times of same answer better search in community… this topic will be delisted soon…