Connected Browser - True multi-tab browser

Connected Browser

A true multi-tab browser with multi tab support upto 5 tabs currently but will be extended in the future. It has various features built in such as QR reader , multi-tab support , Desktop mode , Bookmarks , History and many more. IT IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT SO THERE MIGHT BE SOME BUGS. Feel free to download it and use it. Users suggestions and complaints are always welcomed. This app has been completely built on the Kodular platform. AIA will be made public soon. Cheers. Thank you slight_smile:

Hi @connected_ai7!

In your screenshots on the Playstore, you don’t provide a screenshot showing your Multi-Tab Support. If you could add one here, that’d be good for others.

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Hello @connected_ai7

  1. Do you think it’s a good idea to show a fullscreen ad directly after splash screen? For me it’s not as I think it doesn’t server the purpose because user would expect to see the homescreen here.

  2. I cannot go to homescreen directly if I have browsed 2-3 sites. I have to keep pressing back button couple of times( depends on how many sites I have opened)

  3. If I have opened a site ( eg. Instagram) and I press back button, then It shows a blank screen with only search bar. I have to press back button again to reach homescreen.

  4. If I open any website and then close the app (even from stack) and reopen it from launcher then it takes me to previously opened site instead of homescreen (while showing a unwanted fullscreen ad remains common :man_facepalming: )

  5. Also I caught a Bad Argument error in-between, but was unable to reproduce that case. Will try later in my free time

These :point_up: are some bugs which I got during a short use of your browser app. There would be many more I guess


Aia please?

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