Connecting Ionos with App - actually another Deephost Mysql extension question

Good to the Kodular community.

I need your support.
I am making an app and I have to connect the app to the IONOS hosting server (1&1). I don’t know if I can do it or how to do it. I’m desperate because I haven’t found any information about it.

Thank you very much for your help.

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When you say connect with the Ionos server, what does that means? Are you talking about a MySQL database may be? Be specific on what is it that you want to do.


Thank you Italo for your answer.

Yes DB.
Previously, the DB had it in another hosting. Through the MySql key and MySql URL fields it worked for me. Now in the new hosting I don’t know where to get that info or how to connect it.


You need to contact them for that information. The way you connect to MySQL database from the Kodular side will be the same in any provider. But the login and hostname information will vary and they have to give you that. Contact them. I know they have a good customer service.

The bad thing is that I don’t know if it’s that info I need. I think that with Firebase it’s a different kind of information that I need.

Ok, you got me confused here. You said first it was a MySQL database but in your last post you say it is Firebase. Which one is it?

Get Mysql key? Explain better …

I need that info.

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Deep Host extension ?
If you connected to the first host … why don’t you know how to connect to the second host?

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Yes with deep Host extension.
I do know how to do it. But, as I mentioned above, I don’t know where to find that info on IONOS. Or if, on the contrary, I need a different extension.

There is nothing to change. In the web Component, change the .URL

That url is from the DB. It is not the IONOS url.

IT IS ? And where is your database ? As I understand it the database is on the host. So…