Consecutive labels

Hello there! I have a text box. How can I print the label as many as the number value I have written in this text box?
so; I typed the value 5 in the text box. I automatically got 5 labels

You’ll have to use inbuilt dynamic label or this extension

Is there an example block?
Ekran Alıntısı|252x500

Use dynamic compound.
Use for each number block in that set from as 1 to as textbox text by 1 and it will create the number of labels as much entered in table


Any chance you could show a sample code block? Thank you…

Try something like this


it works great that way. but when I press the button, I want to copy as much as the number written in the text box. how can I do this? can you help?


Use the same method for creating any component that you want.
For button you need to enter the Button as component Name parameter at the place of label

I’m about to go crazy:) why is it happening?


It looks like you have another component with ID1…

Try this


Add one more block to set the text for the created label as they will not shown till the text will empty​:sweat_smile:.


+1 more suggestion…
If you want to add components without removing the previous ones, use a global variable instead of number.

I want be able to share the blocks, but if you need them @Sumit1334 and @dora_paz are here :+1:


thanks this worked for me. But the textbox is empty, how can I fix it?1

What will be the text in those labels?

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