Constraint Layout

Please add Constraint Layout in Kodular. That will help us develop a better application UI/UX.

Will you please put some screenshots so we can understand about constraint layout and vote on the topic…


Example 1:

Example 2:

I think its that


I found constrain layout hard so I started to use vertical and horizontal arrangement :sweat_smile:

Actually you want to make Kodular an alternate android studio.
Can I know why it is useful?

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Constraint Layout help you design a better Material Design App. With the help of this layout you can create app which is easily compatible to Mobile Phone and Tab.


Just voted:grin:

I don’t think it will be easy to implement it in Kodular. And also it is not that much needed as any design can be archived with the components we have now.

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I don’t know how can it be implemented. But it would be a better way to design a app, because you can’t have every phone to check that how your app looks, hence contraint layout makes your work easy by making your app more compatible with all phone screens.