Control HTML checkbox from App using webviewstring

I created an app that contains a webview that loads offline html files …

The offline HTML files contain 2 coloumns and 2 check boxes that control the visibility of those coloumns if unchecked the coloumn is invisible and vise versa all what i need is …

How to communicate between the app and the webviewer that when the app checkboxes are changed it also changes the one in the app …

I know that it’s done using webviewstring … but I need help in examples of this codes …

Could any one help me in that?


Can you provide some more info about your project?
Why you are using offline html ? Many things can be done inside the app.

In my projects i am using WebViewString, because I work with external web sites. I can help or give you advice.


Really thanks I will upload screenshots and illustrate what I reaaly need

Sorry for being late

All what I need is when I uncheck the Name checkbox in the app (the blue bar) it automatically uncheck the one in the htm file (webview) …
So how to do that …

Already I uploaded the jquery-min.js and the table.js and the htm file works fine, just connecting between the app components and the webview is needed

Thanks in advance

This might help you.

I actually tried this before but I need the java code that makes actually the check box in html be checked and unchecked with the app’s one