Control of a specific dynamic component

Doesn’t matter. Both = blocks do the same thing. You can use any of them. :grimacing:

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So I redesigned it according to you, but screen2 won’t open for me. I ask, does the label text of component block point to the label text name or to the dynamic label id name? Because the id of the dynamic label is SVTV1, but its text is “choose team”. But if I choose “choose team” instead of SVTV1, screen2 will open any label for me. And I don’t want that.

It works. This is the second option with “choose team”. Thank you all very much for your help. You’re great.

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Of course, it will work because that’s how it should be. :wink:

I continue to program my application and it reports to me this message, which relates to the mentioned blocks. Don’t know what the problem is?

I’ve already solved it. It was necessary to add a block with a dynamic component to the blocks.