Control of a specific dynamic component

Hi, I’m asking for advice. I have created several dynamic components and now I do not know how I can control a specific component. I need that when I click on it, a specific event happens. Thank you for your help.

Try this guide.

Any Component +;Any button +DynamicComponent GetComponent Id ?


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Thank you for the advice. I already had the notifier component set exactly according to your picture. But I have a problem that according to my blocks above, it happens that without clicking on the label STVT1, Screen2 will open automatically. :frowning: But I only need screen 2 to open when I click on the STVT1 label. Please advise me.

You did it after I gave you the hint, right? Well, I think it was …

Why not try to check the text of the label to see if it is exactly the label that should open the other screen?

I had the notifier component set from the previous period. And it shows me that the label is really STVT1. However, without clicking on it, screen 2 will open in a moment :frowning:

Show us your blocks.

Should I upload aia file?
I already know what causes screen 2 to open. When I click on any label, screen 2 opens. However, the component is also called “When any label click”. But I would only need screen 2 to open when I click on a label called STVT1. Could you help me?

I’m not finding it on any label component here on my Kodular Creator.
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We probably don’t understand each other. The Notifier component works for me and shows me the names of the individual labels. In my application I have non dynamic labels and so dynamic labels. And I only need screen2 to open when I click on a specific STVT1 label. However, screen2 opens when I click on any label. And I don’t want that.

Do You can see a IF blocks in this image ?
This is a simple example…


Check any label property that only it has:
What is written on it (your label )?
IF component’s text property is equal to “Bean” so Open Another Screen
or by ID …

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Screen2 opens correctly. But it opens when I click on any label. But I only need to open screen2 when I click on the dynamic label named id STVT1.
It’s the same as editing a block like this. I just click on any label in my application, screen 2 opens, but I only want screen2 to open when I click on a dynamic label called STVT1.

Insert Block If …


I will give an example. I will create 10 dynamic labels in the application, for example. And I will want that when I press dynamic label number 1, so that screen 2 opens. When I press label No. 2, so that screen3 opens, etc. How to build blocks for this?

I know where to find it, but how would I create those blocks for my example 10labels, as I mentioned above. That is not clear to me.

So I adjusted it with if, but it didn’t help. Because when I press on any label, it checks that the text name of the SVTV1 label is Choose a team and immediately opens screen2.

This is what @Rogerio_Rios trying to explain.
Do as follows:

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But will Math = Block Compare to String STVT1.
(i thought = block is only meant to compare numerics)

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