Components do not appear within dynamic card view

Hi All

For some reason Components do not appear within dynamic card view

here are my blocks.

Please tell me what Im not doing right



  1. make sure what is the value of this block

  2. this is not the correct way of making dynamic component. Here you must use the card view id


  1. has been sorted out
  2. I dont know what the Card view ID is



It seems you want to crrate dynamic label, button inside a dynamic card view in a VA2

The rules…

You should create a card view in VA2 arrangement (this is correct)

And you should create the dynamic label and dynamic button inside this dynamic card view only so you should use get card view by ID function block…

Ref kodular guide Using Dynamic Cards - Kodular Docs

That is correct but how do I do that

Thanks and appreciate your help


Remove the VA2 block in dynmic label and button

Instead use this block

In the id place use get number

Now see your logic…

You will create the dynamic label/button inside the card view created dynamically by using id

no, Im totally lost…

please may I ask you to show an extended view of what I should do



Dynmic label and button inside the card view

Great, Im there

Thanks a ton

Just one other thing

The button, when pressed must hide the card it is on?

Any help

Use when any card view clicked event and block

Set card view visible component (get id) visible (false)


That might be an option but throughout the app I have a lot of card views and they all do their own different thing.

Wont using the “any card view” affect all my other card views

also I don’t see any “visible” block under Dynamic Card view???


first check whether the id of the clicked card is number or not, if number mean then imagine this is dynamic card clicked, then proceed for further… use else if block for other non dynamic card views…


Its id

i think you have misunderstand a litle bit…

once you create multiple dynamic card then you should not use specific dynamic card view click event, it wont work good. you should prefer when any card view click./.

give us demo aia ( dont add any db, just use datas in global variables)


How can I send you a smaller version

datas and dynamic card blocks alone

no issue here it seems… you will see the dynamic componets based on the length of the list

This works fine, thanks

you already helped me with this structure, but the question is how to HIDE A CARD AFTER the button is pressed