Found a error or bug with dynamic component aix

When i use a component in dynamic process. Then all component effect with dynamic process

for example :

Button 1 used in dynamic process for a activity.

if Button 2 click are getting process of Button 1

You might want to show us your blocks or an demo.aia that replicates this issue…

I think you need to add another condition where you check which button is clicked.
I’m unable to see a condition thats probably why when you click any button the process is executed.

Button 1 is a item of dynamic component list
Button 1 after click = open screen

I want :
Button 2 = a component in Screen
Button 2 after click open notification
When Click Button 2 then doing process of Button 1

So you gotta add a condition
If DynamicComponents1.get id = btn1
blah blah blah
Else if DynamicCompnents.get id = btn2
blah blah blah

Ohhhh Got ya

Add a condition
If not component = button2

hhmmmm… but you know that

Button 1 using in dynamic process only

“Button 2 is not using in dynamic process”

share block plz

I hope you understand.

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Or put you code in this if you have multiple buttons that you want to exclude



@Boban @AtharvaPawar Thanks both of two you

post #10 only for 1 component &11 more then components

both are solution

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Or you can use IsDynamic block (returns false or true) to check if the component has been created with the extension itself.

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which block

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