Dynamic List as Listpicker

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component_event (1)

The beauty of a Listpicker is that you can specify very much what you want to pick by using the SELECTION and then isolating the word you want to use.

With a Dynamc CardView all you get is the ID which pretty much means nothing when you have 30 cards and the ID could be any card

How can I select the card I want and know which one it is so that I can use the valUe to filter for another list?

When Any Card view Click…


@Avraham_Yerachmielbenzvi , see how many explanations are there regarding your query already in our group. That’s why we suggest users go for first search then post your query if not found any solution… say big thanks to @Rogerio_Rios .


Thank that might be but Im still at a loss for what to do.

I tried the first one and the second one and neither worked (for me, that is)

I find it such a pity that the supplied Listpicker is so poor that one has to go to extremes to get something half decent.

Perhaps out of the many you cite, you can tell me which is the best, in your opinion cause nothing seems to work for me.

At the end of the day all I need is a dynamic Listpicker.


For instance. the first option throws an error

Bad arguments to select list item
The operation select list item cannot accept the argument:, [(The Electrician The Electrician02)],[nothing]

Whatever that means?

for the second I cannot figure out how to get the lables to be where his are

that being under the Card View and then it gives an error about Makoid and MIT and crashes the app??

Fun and games

No way. Definitely all the methods suggested by @Rogerio_Rios will work 1000%

See the error. It says clearly that list having values but the index is not properly fixed

It seems you didn’t create perfect dynamic components, that’s the problem.

Other than all the methods will work. If none works you are missing something at somewhere. We are sure. Show us your block, if you feel your app is more sensitive try to ping me.

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Thanks for the reply

Ok, these are the blocks as per option 1

This is after picking

This is creating the Dynamic Card

I sure hope you can see the error


Let’s summarize the persistent doubts:
1-Dynamically generated components are given an identification.
Ok ?
To get this ID, use When Any CardView Click.
2-Did you see the parameters of this event?
3-What are the parameters of the When Dynamic Any CardView Click event?
Check them out.
Ok ?
4-Well, after checking them, you’ll be able to identify which CardView was clicked, right?
Any questions ?
If you can identify which CardView was clicked, then you can use it to make the SQL where clause command.

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I don’t think so your dynamic card creation process is correct. Pls check it. You are adding values to the concern list one by one but in the same procedure you are trying to select item from the total list.

How is it possible :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

I hope you might have end with java null ref error

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wrong block


Thanks but my card are creating 100%

That isn’t the problem.

The problem is that I am unable to return the card I select.


good to here. My doubt is, while creation time you didnt use dynamic component and used only dynamic card but while selecting time alone why did you bring it?

instead of dynamic components, use dynamic card

see inside the quite


This was as shown in the example. No?

that one is wrong.


Ive tried. The block rejects it?

Meaning it wont go into the List Item List index

kindly debug the global title in companion and show us the result.

I think I understand what you mean. - See the blue block along side it

What is “in”
What is Component Name
What is ID


When the cards are on display the Title is correct. It appears in the Dynamic Card

it mean, as a single value or as a list… ? single value mean, you no need to use the select item list…

But i am sure what you have used is dynamic card. You have no way used the dynamic component


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yes, I did NOT use Dynamic Compoment.

So Im asking should I use the blue block instead of Dynamic CardView1?.