Dynamic Button ID

Hi all
I have a stack of cards and each card has a button

The button calls a SQL insert but I seems to not differentiate between one card and the next

Presumably, that’s because I’m not using the id tab

The question is how do I use it to call the params as they relate to the selected card


Are you using dynamic component? Have you checked Get Id block and Any Button Click?


now here I don’t know what you are referring to.

I can see the id tab on the block but I don’t know how to limit the select to data as it pertains to the specific button inside of a specific card

perhaps s screen shot will help

It doesn’t matter where it is. You will take its id (when clicking any button) and perform an Insert Into according to the id of the clicked button

Ok, I think I get you but can you be a little more graphic.

How do I tell the php insert which data (card) to use?

because as the code stands right now its not selecting between one card and another.

yes, that is what Im trying to do but I cant see how to or where to use the id in my blocks

Gone again???

Simple approach, create dynamic buttons according to the lenght of a list. When any button click depending the id I set label’s text

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Thanks Dora.

Slightly mire complex than that…???


Was your prob solved or not?

It may have been but I didnt understand how to impliment it