Need help in dynamic component

I made this card view with dynamic component i want to make chat page open with start value mobile num which card has been clicked .But how to…

Use when any cardview click block. Check if component is dynamic and then set start value to get label’s text .

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1.when any card view clicked block
A. If the component is dynamic component
B. Set index value to call dynamic components get id (component)

And with this index value you can call the mobile number from the global mobile number list

Tried but not working

You are wrong. Again why are you trying to set text value ? First you decide what you want whether text value or index value? Both are possible.

If you want text value., Get it on any variable or in any label


Frankly speaking i am not professional coder . So I don’t know much about coding

Use something like this

This is only example. Dont use exactly blocks. You need to do some changes in ids.

No One is borned as a professional. All have to learn then they becomes professional


You no need to be a coder man. Just logic only will speaks here.
The logic is,

  1. Get label text value of the dynamic card on clicked
  2. Pass this value to next screen , if you want to open in next screen.or store it in variable if you want the chat to open in an arrangement. Simple

Just show us the procedure you use to create dynamic cardviews


Not working for me

Again post the procedure in order to help you

created dynamc view by this

Try this

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Sorry, change verrar1 to label1 :sweat_smile:

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Its Working thank you so much …:hugs::hugs:

Two more questions:

1.How to set global image on next screen ?
2. it’s taking time to load images from spreadsheets any solutions

You can add image in start value too
Or use tinydb to get variable/list

Something like this

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not work …

Then try this

Don’t forget that now start value is a list and you have to use this blocks in next screen


Awesome it’s working…

Thank u so much

Salute to your knowledge.

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