Dynamic List as Listpicker

If you know the process, please carry on.

I dont, Im asking for help

try like this, Avoid the way of getting as said in post 13

image . This will work, 100% sure. Go with current process(dynamic card)



I GET THE NOYTIFIY :slight_smile:

now to use it

Thank upi

1000% - Thank you

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Ok, Thanks. So that worked for one field in the card

blocks - 2021-07-11T221310.430

What do i do if it’s

an address book and I need to extract the name and the phone number from one card?

Now you are having the id and the id is Commons for all the elements created in this card view. So by using the id just change the name of the list, there by you can get all the details.
Select list item list (ph num) index (get id)
Select list item list (name) index (get id)

Ph num = variable used for ph num

Thanks but I dont know how to change the name of the list. Can you please show me…?

do you mean lose the GlobalContactInfo tag??

If you show me how you have created this dynamic card , it will be convenient for me to explain


  1. You are having global contact name
  2. You are having global contact number.

Just use this…

Set global information to join
(select list item list (get global contact name ) index (get id)
(Select list item list (get global contact num)
Index (get id)

Pls try the way I said in previous post under when any card view clicked.

First add one if condition
If the component is dynaMic
Then - add the blocks

Thanks. Where was that suggestion?

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