Convert images to PDF

What I intend to do : use image picker and camera to add pictures in a list, and when the user clicks a button, the KIO4_Pdf extension will convert those images to a pdf file and save it on the device.

Whats the problem : whenever I click the button to create the pdf, the code gets exexcuted and I get the toast from the notifier, but no pdf file is created in /mnt/sdcard/

I have used this layout to pdf extension : Create PDF file Extension. Layout to PDF - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

Blocks :

Designer :

AIA file : Scandia.aia (15.1 KB)

please help me out, am I doing something wrong?

check device’s storage

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You are creating a storage for your file but not saving your PDF in your storage folder as I can’t see any blocks for that


the file is being saved to

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Yes, thank you so much​:grin::grin:

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