Convert .jks (Old App on Google play) to .keystore (Kodular App) for app update

Hello Kodular Community,

I created an application v1 with Android Studio 2 years ago on Google Play, and now I created a kodular application for the v2 update,

the problem, I can’t update the app on google play because the keystore is not the same, I have the .jks of the first app and I want to convert it to .keystore, I have already tried to rename it without success,

@Admins, @Community, Please help me as i spent more than 4 months creating this app for my business and i really need to release it in the next few days, waiting for your feedback and thanks in advance.

PS: I have already read threads about the same problem and I can’t find a solution to this.


What else have you done?

Did you rename it to android.keystore

Default Keystore Password: android
Default Keystore Alias: androidkey
Default Key Password: android

Hi @Boban

Thank uou for your reply,

Yes i already test this, same problem, Kodular dont accept the renamed file (keystore), error message, there something wrong, how i can solve this ?


Doubt this is right on your side

Post screenshot of the error

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back @Boban ,

it’s fixed, i change the right info that you send and i success uploading the keystore to kodular, thank you very much and have a nice day !


Good thing you managed to solve it in the end

I'm too slow

By using this tool KeyStore Explorer you can edit your keystore

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